How Do I ...

How do I find an inmate?

You can use our Inmate Locator.  Follow the directions to conduct an inmate search. If you experience problems, please send an email to the Office of Public Affairs.

How do I find job openings with the Department of Corrections?

You must be a Colorado state resident to apply. Please view our Human Resources page and current job openings.


How do I find out how an inmate is doing?

The inmate controls the release of information to family/friends.If the inmate does not inform you of how he/she is doing then you may also contact the inmates case manager by calling the facility he/she is located at.


How do I file a complaint against a staff member of facility, or report illegal activity?

First call the facility, Community Corrections Center, or Parole office where the incident took place at and speak with the Warden/Director.

If you don't feel that your complaint has been resolved, then file a written complaint with the appropriate Deputy Director.

A complaint may be emailed to the Public Information Officer or sent to:
Public Information Officer
Colorado Department of Corrections
2862 South Circle Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

In your complaint please provide a detailed account of the incident with full names of the parties involved. Be sure to include a day time phone number where we can reach you. If you have an email address, please provide it as well.