Office of the Inspector General

2862 South Circle Drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Colorado Department of Corrections Office of the Inspector General (OIG) provides professional investigative resources to the Department of Corrections and its facilities, employees, inmate population, the Law Enforcement community and the general public within the State of Colorado.

These investigators are Certified Peace Officers who are sworn to protect and serve the people of the State of Colorado by promoting public safety, the safety of DOC staff and inmates, protecting property, and enforcing the laws within the State of Colorado.


The Office of the Inspector General's (OIG) team consists of 34 criminal investigators, 2 K-9 handlers, and 21 program support personnel.  All investigators are experienced professionals who have held a variety of positions in the law enforcement community: 

Specialized Areas

OIG areas of specialization:

  • K-9 handlers
  • Certified polygraph examiners
  • Certified fraud examiner
  • Expert witnesses in a number of areas
  • Intelligence and Analysis (UNIT)
  • Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)


Criminal Investigations

OIG Investigators handle a variety of crimes to include homicides, serious assaults, possession and introduction of contraband, escapes and more. OIG investigators also work undercover operations.

Drug Eradication Efforts

The OIG team takes a pro-active approach to the eradication of illicit drugs. The OIG, in cooperation with outside law enforcement, conducts overt and covert investigations to identify and prosecute offenders and those who attempt to introduce drugs. Internally, the OIG conducts large scale operations and surveillances utilizing K-9's and electronic technology to interdict drugs.