Parole Board

Eligible Offenders to be Presented to the Parole Board

The publication lists are published 30 days in advance.   Applicants on the publication lists have been certified by the Department of Corrections, Time/Release Operations Office, Canon City, to be eligible for parole and are hereby presented to the Parole Board for consideration, not for actual parole.

Members of the media who wish to attend any parole application hearing, must RSVP with the Department Public Information Officer a minimum of two standard business days in advance of the hearing. Members of the media must provide full name, date of birth and driver's license number for standard background check for facility access. Media may only attend at the facility location; not at the location of the parole board member. If more than four media outlets RSVP for any one facility location or application hearing, a pool reporter will be selected through lottery. NO CAMERAS ARE ALLOWED AT A PAROLE APPLICATION HEARING.  

To view the list of offenders on the current Parole Board calendar, click here.

For the latest information and applicant's current location, go to the on-line system, Inmate Locator. Or please contact:

Department of Corrections
Central Offender Records Inmate Locator Service

Offender family and supporters who wish to attend an offender's parole hearing, should contact the facility where the offender is located.

**PLEASE NOTE:  The Parole Board does not relinquish or discuss hearing results or specifics to the public or offender family members.  If you wish to find out information concerning an offender's hearing, you will need to contact the offender or you may speak to his Case Manager or CPO. 

Letters of support for an offender's parole should be sent to the Case Manager for presentation to the Board.