Visiting Rules

The information for the Offender Visiting Program can also be located in AR 0300-01.

1. What are the rules for visiting that affect each facility?

2. How do I become a visitor?
Visitor Application and Approval

3. What is considered a special visit?
Special Visits

4. What are non-contact visits and why have them?
Non-contact Visits

5. Does the attorney have to be on the visiting list?
Attorney/Agents of an Attorney Visits

6. What is a Hospital visit?
Infirmary/Hospital Visits

7. What are Clergy visits?
Clergy Visits

8.What can I expect when I go to visit at a facility?
Visitor Entry

9.Will I be searched?
Searches of persons

10.How should I act and dress when at the facility?
Visiting, Conduct, and Dress

11.Why would visiting be denied?
Denied, Terminated, Suspended or Revoked Visiting

12. What will happen if I violate the rules set by the facility?
Sanctions that will be imposed on visitors for visiting violations

13.How do I comment about the visiting program?
Visitor's Comments