Executive Director - Rick Raemisch

Executive Director Rick Raemisch

Mr. Raemisch joins the department after three decades of law enforcement experience as a deputy and elected sheriff, prosecutor and secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections.

As the head of the Wisconsin DOC, Raemisch was accountable for more than 22,000 inmates and lowered prisoner populations three-consecutive years for the first time since the state's first prison was built in 1850. He was also responsible for over 73,000 individuals on probation or parole and approximately 1,000 juveniles.

His career began as a deputy sheriff at the Dane County Sheriff's Office in Madison, Wisconsin in 1976 and transitioned to an undercover narcotics detective. After earning his law degree he joined the county district attorney's office where he served as an assistant district attorney. In 1989, Raemisch served as an assistant U.S.attorney.

In 1990 he was appointed sheriff of Dane County and was reelected four more times before entering the private sector in 1997.

Raemisch joined the Wisconsin Department of Corrections in 2003 as the division administrator of community corrections, overseeing 68,000 probation and parolees, and then deputy secretary. He was named the head of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections in 2007 where he built strong re-entry initiatives that saw positive results.